I'm Chris Hugelmann,
an emerging game studies scholar and games user researcher from Toronto, Canada. 

A bit about me:

Hello. My name is Chris Hugelmann. I’m a user experience researcher and designer from Toronto, Canada. I'm also a PhD student focusing on digital game studies, identity, and community. I'm looking for a career that will let me flex my user research and design skills and to gain new expertise along the way.

I'm very much interested in the intersection between communication, technology and society. My strong academic research background allows me to engage with users and to put them first, while my design and creative background enables me to create useful ways of captivating them.

Not only have I completed Dark Souls 2 100%, I have been playing on several private MMO servers for older games (Ragnarok Online, FFXI) and improving my fighting game skills in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Though I didn't play the previous entry, I've been enjoying grinding quests in Destiny 2 with friends. I'm currently replaying Final Fantasy 7 with the New Threat mod, making it feel like an entirely different game.

Upcoming conferences I will be attending:


Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. If you think I would be a good fit for your project, feel free to contact me.