Experience map for Career Centre

  • Client:University of Toronto Career Centre
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: UX

Overview: A group of colleagues and I worked with the University of Toronto's Career Centre to create a customer experience map to help align the Career Centre's goals with expectations and experiences of the user. The group was meant to discover the typical experience of a student looking to interact with the Career Centre for advice and assistance in moving forward with job prospects. The project was done in collaboration with UofT's Career Centre, therefore this was meant to help focus the Career Centre's initiatives and offerings moving forward.

Initial Consultation and Interviews: After a 1-hour session with 3 members of the Career Centre to discover more about the task at hand and the expectations of the stakeholders, the group was tasked with interviewing several students that were utilizing the Career Centre to better understand their thoughts and feelings. This was done over the course of two weeks, where group members met with various students at differing stages of their education and career timelines and asked about their experiences with the Career Centre. Many of the interviewees had never met with the Career Centre, which was informative in its own right, and it was discovered that once contact had been made, the experience was positive; unfortunately, many did not reach out or were not reached out to in a way that made sense for the students. 

Initial Customer Experience Map: After collating the information from several interview sessions, the group then started forming a rough outline of the eventual customer experience map (more specifically, an alignment diagram) to consolidate a final hand-in to deliver to the Career Centre. The initial customer experience map took the better part of 2 days work to create a legible map that concisely showcased what our interviewees had expressed to us. The first day was spent creating affinity mappings to create general categories and to discover an approximate timeline for interactions with the Career Centre. The second day was spent formalizing the structure and explicitly filling in the different sections of the experience map.

Final Customer Experience Map: The finalized customer experience map was submitted to the Career Centre for review. It incorporated our findings for how users go through their experience, such as which stages take place in the process; what users are thinking and feeling during each stage; what the user is doing and which touchpoints are utilized during each stage; pain points that were identified through interviews; opportunities for the career centre to minimize pain points.

This project was the first half of a user experience course; to view the continuation of the project, click here.