Wireframes for health technology funding portal

  • Client: Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist
  • Year: 2016
  • Category: UI UX

Background: This project was aimed at drafting finalized wireframes for the peer review section for a health technology fund.This was part of a much larger project that involved human-centered design, utilizing future workshops, participatory design, and other research methodologies. This endeavour was in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist that helps accelerate health technology commercialization efforts in Ontario.

This assignment was the culmination of several months of work meeting with stakeholders, holding participatory design sessions, and numerous drafts before leading to the final wireframes. 

Future Workshop: The group first held a future workshop, where we discovered the typical funding process, outlined pain points, and created ideal specifications for the future funding portal. The future workshop was held at the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist and engaged with employees at various points in the process of funding health technology projects. Their insights were vital, as they were the ones who would be engaging with the portal on the backend. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure members of the scientific community that would be utilizing the proposed funding portal. 

Participatory Prototyping: Next, the team engaged in a participatory prototyping session with the stakeholders to better understand what ideas they had for the funding portal. The group enabled the participants to draw, sketch, and write out ideas and wishes they had for the new funding portal, as individuals as well as coming together to collaborate on ideas and how to implement them. The group then solidified and condensed their ideas to help inform the first iteration of our product.

Iterations: The team then worked on our first prototype, utilizing the information we gathered from our stakeholders. The first iterations were very low fidelity sketches, meant to showcase the hierarchy of the underlying system as well as try to place as many of the proposed features into the iteration as possible. From there, the group trimmed excess ideas that were not deemed vital from the participants, and drafted an initial information architecture for things like document uploads, links between pages, etc. 

Final Deliverable: At the culmination of the project was a final deliverable hand-in of our medium-fidelity prototype. The final deliverable was based on several further iterations of the prototype in the initial iteration, over the course of several weeks of discussions and work sessions. The final deliverable was fully annotated and presented to the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for their consideration.

Click on the image below to see the screens that I was tasked with completing.